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Residential buildings

Construction & finishing of villa Mrs. / Nadia El Masry 
Construction of a residential Building - plot 1674,1675 Fifth District - Central Hill - Mokattam – Cairo – Egypt
Finishing works of villa Dr. Mamdouh Warda –The ninth area - Gate 4 – Marina, Alamein, Alexandria
Construction of a residential building owner, Mr. Gharib Mohammed Gharib Nassar - First Residential Area - New Borg El Arab
Construction of the villa of Engineer / Mohamed Mustafa Tawfiq - King Mariout Area – Alexandria

Factories, warehouses & administrative buildings

stores (2).jpg

 Renovations the facades & walls of Helnan Palestine Hotel – Alexandria
Construction of a station for sorting & packing agricultural crops & administrative building & 6 refrigerators for fruits & vegetables. Owned to Agro Company for International Trading, km 59 Alexandria - Cairo Desert Road
Construction of the metal & administrative building of Borg Al Arab Metal Industries Company - New Borg El Arab - 3rd Zone
Renovation of the administrative headquarters of Alex Wax – Smouha
Construction & finishing works on the administrative building & warehouses for Al Asdika Company for Wood import & Trade - Umm Zaghio – Alexandria

 Construction of the administrative building - The New Medical Center – Alexandria
Construction of refrigeration for fruits storage - KM (50) Alexandria Road, an area of 2000 sq owned to Al Karma Co. / Amir Iskandar
Construction of fueling & service station (Cooperative Association of Petroleum) car parking shades (metal structure) - Central Area - New Borg El Arab
Construction of El-Radawi Menswear Factory – Plot No. 4, Block No. 9, 3rd Zone - New Borg El Arab

Clubs, public facilities & shops


Finishing works for Adidas Company - Plaza Branch
Construction & finishing works of Adidas Out Let branch & Timberland next to Mirage Hall - International Park - Alexandria (Ra Sport Company)
Finishing & decoration works for Nour Store for men clothes - First floor - Mena mall - Al Ibrahimia
Foundation works, administrative buildings, cafeterias & bathrooms, water drainage & water supply networks for the Fantasy Land Amusement Park - International Park - Moharram Bay – Alexandria

Construction of exercise room for physical fitness - Squash Complex - Alexandria Sporting Club – Sporting, finishing works for Timberland Co. branch
Preparation & finishing of Ra Sport Company (Adidas-Timberland) Katameya Branch - Ring Road in front of Carrefour Maadi - Cairo 
Preparation & finishing of Timberland store - Syria Street, Alexandria
Development of the cafeteria of Mahi Shazly swimming pool for the seating area surrounding the swimming pool - Alexandria Sporting Club, Sporting.
Preparation & finishing of Adidas store - Syria Street Branch, Alexandria 

Restoration & Strengthening of Building

noah aphandy (8).jpg

Restoration & strengthening of the columns of the ground floor of the building No. 418 repeated, Army Rd. - Louran – Alexandria
Restoration & renovation of the Mirghani Palace (formerly Queen Nazli Palace) - Saba Pasha
Restoration & strengthening of the concrete structure of the main warehouse at El Salam Complex - Umm Zaghyo 
     Owner: Egyptian Silos Company
Restoration & strengthening of real estate construction structure, 9 repeated Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street - Loran – Alexandria
Restoration & finishing of the Islamic Bohouth City Buildings - Al-Azhar Sheikhdom – Cairo
Restoration & strengthening the Heliopolis Tower (575) El Guish Rd., Miami
Restoration & strengthening of the structural elements of the shelter building in Safia Ghamdi Association - Al-Horreya Rd. - Mustafa Kamel area
Construction & equipping of the cardiac catheterization unit - El Salama New Hospital – Alexandria

Restoration & renovation of the façades of Taif Towers with height of twenty floors next to Ramada Hotel - El Guish Rd., Sidi Beshr
Restoration & strengthening of the Alexandria Arms Club facilities – Shatby
Restoration & strengthening the concrete structure of the balconies & facades of the building No. 657 El Horreya Rd. – Janaklis
Restoration of some structural elements & renovations of the facades of Fini building - Raml station - Alexandria  
     Owner: Alexandria Trading Company
Restoration & strengthening of the structural elements of the building No. (8) El Farouk Sadek Village – Hannoville
Restoration of the structural elements of the building No. (13) Dokki Street - Giza Governorate  
     Owner: Alexandria Trading Company
Restoration & strengthening of the structural elements of the building No. 141 Abdel Salam Aref St., Zizinia
Restoration of the structural elements of building No. (14) Mohamed Othman St., (Meridian Tower) – Loran

The Medical Field


Development & modernization of the ground floor which include emergency & physical therapy, blood bank, laboratory & beauty center - external & internal pharmacy, the new medical center – Smouha
Renewal of the Radiology Unit at the New Medical Center - Semouha – Alexandria
Renovation & development of the eighth floor of El Salama new hospital – Azarita
Finishing & equipping the first & the ground floor clinics & the pharmacy of El Salama Hospital - Sultan Hussein Street – Alexandria
Developing & modernizing the third, fourth & fifth floor of the New Medical Center – Smouha
Renovation & modernization of the intensive care unit & the surgical unit - Palm Hospital - Maadi – Cairo
Construction & finishing of cardiac catheter center of Dr. Mamdouh Warda, Semouha, Alexandria

Construction of Damanhour Lady Care hospital - Beheira Governorate
Construction & equipping the service building & the kitchen - New Medical Center – Smouha
Construction of Alexandria Hospital for Catheterization & Cardiac Surgery - Damanhour - Beheira Governorate
Finishing work for the pharmacy of Dr. Syada Reda – Glym
Catheterization & Cardiac Surgery unit & intensive care - Mabrat Asafra Hospital – West
Construction of the city hospital for women – Semouha
Finishing & equipping of outpatient clinics in the first floor 10 clinics + 3 dental clinics in Andalusia Hospital - El Shalalat
Construction of a cardiology & catheterization unit, development of the mezzanine floor - The New Medical Center
Construction & equipping the cardiac catheterization unit - El Salama New Hospital – Alexandria

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